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Message from Bailli

Inaugurated in August of 2017, the Bailliage de Hangzhoucordially invites all members and friends of la Chaîne to experience the amazing city of Hangzhou.


In Chinese, there is an ancient saying about Hangzhou: "There is a paradise in heaven, and on earth, there is Hangzhou”. In fact, this city was founded when a Northern Emperor wanted a peaceful getaway from the summer heat. Today,Hangzhou is a culinary paradise with a great number of delicious dishes, and behind each one, there is always a beautiful story linked with a historic figure from Hangzhou. As a branch of Zhejiang Cuisine, one of the Eight Great Cuisines of China, “HangBangCai” or Hangzhou Cuisine is characterized by freshness and sweetness.


Come enjoy with us the many exciting social and gastronomic delights the great city of Hangzhou has to offer. We welcome you!


Vive la Chaîne!


M.Li Hailin








M. Li Hailin Bailli
M. William Wu Vice Echanson, OMGD
Mme. An Jinwen Vice-Argentier
Mme. Ada Sun Secretary




B805, East Station Xizi International Building, Hexing Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Phone: 86-139-1855-6447

Enquires: [email protected]



2019 Event Calendar

The events are being finalized and subject to change.



OMGD Event,Professional wine tasting & dinner conducted by a professional wine producer



Guest Chef Dinner,Shanghai Town and Country Club (STCC) will invite Michelin-starred guest chef who will prepare a special menu for the event.



OMGD Event,Professional wine tasting & dinner conducted by a professional wine producer.



Induction Ceremony and Dinner (Joint event with Shanghai)